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Websites for buying Florida properties and relocating to Florida

Pets To Travel. a member of the International Pet and Animal Transportation Association with over 20 years of experience transporting pets to overseas destinations.

Relocating to Florida and living in the sunshine state - online guides – Website for Brits abroad with information on various ex-pat communities living abroad. – News about property overseas including Florida properties. – Tourist portal containing information on things to do after relocating to Florida. Florida - An Expatriate Guide Expat Blog Free E-Book Relocating to the Florida Keys

Legal help for buying Florida properties – John Howell & Co. Specialists in European law with over 25 years’ experience and bilingual solicitors. – Management and letting service for Florida properties. – Provides currency services for private and corporate clients.

Removal companies for relocating to Florida – International movers with nearly 30 years’ experience and will handle customs, warehousing and freight forwarding when you are relocating to Florida. – Company who will deliver to Florida properties or anywhere else in the world for that matter. - Professional pet moving service for those relocating to Florida.
Events and exhibitions of Florida properties

Repair Companies
Mold inspections and indoor air quality testing by a non bias state
licensed consultant.

Florida Real Estate Related Websites In-depth information about Relocationg to Florida Information about Florifda Waterfront Real Estate Information About Buying Real Estate in Florida

Renter’s Rights for the Military

Countdown to Moving Checklist

Guide to Moving with Seniors