Getting a Florida Real Estate Mortgage
Purchasing your Florida home.

Obtain a mortgage.

When working out how to finance your property purchase, consider all the options.

Paying cash, if you can afford to, is often recommended, but you may not want to tie up a relatively large sum in this way. If this is an option for you, be sure to consult one of the specialist currency exchange companies in the market, as you can get far better exchange rates and potentially save thousands in the process.

The other options are remortgaging your UK home or arranging a mortgage on your Florida property through a UK or US lender. Remortgaging offers the easiest solution. Releasing equity in a UK home means that the second home can be purchased for cash, without the need for another mortgage. However, this may only be feasible for those who own their first home outright.
Several UK mortgage providers will lend funds of up to 80 per cent of the purchase price for second home purchase over, typically, a 15-year term.

Get a mortgage in Florida.

If you decide to obtain finance in the US, bear in mind that most mortgages available to foreign nationals require a minimum 20 per cent down payment. Some even stipulate 30 or 35 per cent.
At the beginning of the process, make sure you obtain what is known as a Good Faith Estimate. This is a standardised document used to detail all the costs of obtaining your mortgage, including both monthly and one-off payments.
If possible, try to secure a self-certified mortgage. Unlike in the UK, this kind of mortgage does not necessarily carry a higher interest rate than a fully documented mortgage, and it could save you a lot of time and trouble spent assembling documents.