Florida Arts & Culture
Florida Arts
Florida is a cultural society and embraces it’s writers, artists, photographers, musicians and actors. Just look at how many people from the Sunshine state, who excel in these areas. In short, Individualism is one of our best assets.
Why are the Arts important to us?


Florida’s arts and cultural industry is one of the fastest growing in the state. Its annual statewide economic impact has grown from $1.7 billion in 1997 to over $2.9 billion and now supports over 28,000 full-time equivalent jobs.

Florida’s arts and cultural organizations, which constitute a small fraction of the state’s entire arts and entertainment industry, expended $1.2 billion in FY 2001.

Attendees at the programs and events of not-for-profit cultural organizations exceeded 400 million in 2000-01. Audience participation is significant because attendance at these events generates related commerce for local businesses such as hotels, restaurants, and shops.

An estimated 7 million out-of-state tourists visited Florida’s cultural facilities or attended cultural events as a primary activity. These “cultural” tourists spent $4.5 billion, adding $9.3 billion to the state’s gross regional product and creating 103,713 full-time equivalent jobs with a payroll of $2.6 billion.
State of our Arts

Due to the influx of people relocating here with varied tastes our facilities have grown to where they rank among the best in the world The Arts in Florida is a powerhouse business for both residents and tourists.

From major Art museums, to world class Symphony orchestras to ballet and theatre companies, writer’s conferences, and outdoor festivals, we have it all.

A few quick facts about what we have.

7 professional Opera companies.

16 major symphony orchestras.

35 Theatre companies.

33 dance companies.

4 major film studios

16 major sports and entertainment arenas/stadiums

200 outdoor festivals per year.

Hundreds of galleries, craft shops and small owner operated business that specializes in the Arts.

Music-From Jazz to Blues to Art exhibits; there is definitely something for everyone.

Link to county Art agencies http://www.florida-arts.org/resources/FloridaLocalArtsAgencies.htm
Link to all Florida Art museums http://www.florida-arts.org/resources/museumsartcentersgalleries.htm
Link to Florida dance organizations http://www.florida-arts.org/resources/FloridaDanceOrganizations.htm
Link to Florida music organizations (symphonies, community orchestras, etc)
Link to Florida Theatre venues (playhouse etc) http://www.florida-arts.org/resources/FloridaTheatres.htm
Links to Florida state organizations and associations

In conclusion:
If you love the arts and want Cultural opportunities, Florida definitely has a place for you.